Marine & Personal Articles Insurance

At Carlton Insurance we have a full line of Marine products, both commercial and personal. There are two types of “Marine” insurance programs, Wet or Commercial Marine and Inland Marine.

Commercial Marine includes Boat Builders, Marinas, Ocean Marine Ships and their Cargo and any other commercial endeavors on navigable waters or inland lakes and rivers. In addition we have policies to insure against any legal liability that may arise from commercial marine operations, including Longshore and Harbor Workers coverage.

Commercial Marine also includes aircraft of all types (fixed wing and rotary) and cargo being shipped or received by air.

Personal Marine includes all of the “toys” we use on the water, from large yachts to small run-abouts, including Jet Skis and other personal watercraft.

Carlton Insurance offers a full line Inland Marine products, both commercial and personal.

Commercial Inland Marine includes mobile equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, road building and maintenance equipment, motor truck cargo and many other types of equipment that is mobile in nature

Personal Inland Marine also includes jewelry, antiques, guns, coin collections and many other personal articles of value.